Education Materials

The Board’s Mission Statement includes:, “the Board issues advisory opinions and seeks to educate judges and others about judicial ethics.” The Board intends to post in this space various educational materials.  These may include links to leading cases that are not among the discipline cases already posted on this website. These materials may also include materials for new judges and for judges who are retiring but will remain available for assignment.  The Board may also post articles on matters of legal ethics that appear instructive.  At present, this part of the Board’s website is “Under Construction.”

The Judicial Conduct Reporter, published by the Center for Judicial Ethics (CJE), is a periodic national summary of cases, opinions, and developments concerning judicial ethics.  Current and past issues are available without charge.  Go to and click on the link to the Judicial Conduct Reporter on the right side of the webpage.  Other helpful Center publications, such as An Ethics Guide for Judges and Their Families, are available on the CJE Publications page.