Board and Panel Public Reprimands

The Board on Judicial Standards is authorized to issue a public reprimand to a judge.  Rule 6(f)(5)(iii), R. Bd. Jud. Std.  In cases in which the Board issues a Formal Complaint, the matter proceeds to hearing before a three-member hearing panel.  Rule 8(b).  After hearing, the panel has a number of options, including a public reprimand.  Rule 11(a) and (b)(2).  Reprimands issued by the Board and by hearing panels are not collected in the Northwest Reporter, where Minnesota Supreme Court decisions, including judicial disciplines, are reported.  These reprimands are public records, available on request to the Board’s office.  Rules 5(a)(1) and 11(c). These reprimands are summarized in the Board’s Annual Reports.  Posted below are the reprimands issued since 1996.